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Architectural Iron Elements stunningly hand forged. Old World Iron takes great pride and honor in the bespoke qualities of our hand crafted iron architectural elements . With a multitude of applications, the possibilities are limitless. We maintain a splendid group of master craftsmen who work with traditional tools as well as
new advances in machinery. Our design experts can usher your vision to the metal shop seamlessly and with grace. 

Types & Applications

  • It is common knowledge in Oklahoma. Old World Iron is the premier leader in decorative iron. – Bob N
  • I was so thrilled with the sturdiness and quality of our stair rails. So beautiful and elegant. – Rebekkah K
  • The design process was fun and painless. It amazed me how fast my vision was put to paper. We will always use Old World Iron. – Sarah M
  • Their work is something you just have to see with your eyes to understand. The beauty is breathtaking. – Mary A

The Foundation:

 A word to the wise, architectural iron elements can be overdone. Well-designed iron work is composed of delicate, comfortable structures that are completely in harmony with the environment. Consider the following. 

  • Functionality,
  • Placement
  • Any pre-existing elements
  • Area & space
  • Desired architectural style

The Results :

The result is an expression of your own design and style that will never be outdated and will thus be praised by generations. Today’s architects, designers and homeowners have more options than ever before. While there are options you can “glue and paste” like a cookie cutter grid, the same space can be dramatized by including a custom designed and forged piece of iron – a piece of beauty forever. 

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